About Janetta Chernega

Janetta Chernega has been actively involved in the healthcare field since 1998 with extensive experience in geriatrics. Her passion for patient care and healthcare policies for the elderly has led her to volunteer for an advocacy association focused on elderly healthcare reforms. Additionally, Ms. Chernega has served on several committees for the California Association for Adult Day Services, including Membership, Education, and Finance.

Since 2010, Janetta Chernega has been employed by the Beverly Oaks Physicians Surgical Center as Member Manager and Administrator. Here, she is responsible for overseeing all operational aspects of the Ambulatory Surgical Center, including direction, coordination, and control. Janetta Chernega holds extensive continuing education experience related to her profession, including patient care and HIPPA compliance.

Additional information about Janetta Chernega and the Beverly Oaks Physicians Surgical Center can be found at http://www.beverlyoakssurgery.com, where readers can find out more about various weight loss options as well as the wide variety of services offered. The site also includes details about all cosmetic surgery options available to patients, including eyelifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and non-surgical options such as BOTOX and Perlane.

Enthusiastic about physical fitness, Janetta Chernega enjoys exercising in her free time. Ms. Chernega’s intent focus on her career, as well as her passion for reading, help to keep her constantly abreast about all things entrepreneurial. A woman of many talents, Janetta Chernega is also able to read and write Russian and Ukrainian in addition to English.


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